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LS150X Update

Future LS150X headset with Bluetooth


We have decided to delay the LS15X in effort to create the optimal headset for you all! We set out to create the LS15X using the same technology we used with the beloved LS35X, and after listening to community feedback we learned that Bluetooth was something that literally everyone wanted as a feature for the LS15X. We are currently working on Bluetooth as a feature in our latest technology platform for the upcoming LS50X and LS50X: Snoop Dogg Edition. Once the LS50 technology is complete we plan to implement it into the LS15, and since there will be new tech the marketing guys have decided to change the name to the LS150X.

In summary:

  • New name: LS150X (thanks Marketing)
  • New upgraded technology – LS50 platform tech
  • LS150X will connect simultaneously to the console and a Bluetooth device = wirelessly play a game and listen to music or take a phone call.
  • Compatible with both current and future generation Xbox
  • New improved smaller sleeker chip
  • New launch date – first half of 2020