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LS100X Wireless Gaming Headset Firmware Update

  1. Download the LucidSound Firmware Updater Installer .zip file.
    LS100X Firmware Updater
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and extract the files.
    LS100X firmware update - download and unzip dialog
  3. Select and run the setup.exe application from the extracted files.
    LS100X Firmware Updater - click setup icon
    *If Prompted by Microsoft Defender, you may have to instruct it to run the program:
    Popup for Windows protected yoru PC with Run anyway button
  4. Proceed through the InstallShield prompts to install LucidSound Firmware Updater:
    InstallShield wizard window with Next button prompts for setup
    InstallShield Wizard screen to begin the installation

    * If the installer does not launch automatically, search for “LucidSound Firmware Updater” and launch the application.
    Search for LucidSound Firmware Updater app
  5. Once the installer has successfully installed and launched, toggle the USB Dongle switch to PC and insert it into your computer. Select the Update button and follow the on-screen instructions.
    * The dongle must be in PC mode for the program to recognize and update it.
    Dongle firmware version screen with Update button
    Dongle firmware update in progress, writing to the device

  6. Once the USB Dongle has successfully updated, you can unplug it and connect your headset using your USB-C cable.
    Firmware Updater completion screen with message that the dongle can now be unplugged
  7. Follow the updater instructions to update the headset’s firmware:
    Headset firmware version screen
  8. Your headset has now been successfully updated and can be safely disconnected from your PC.
    Firmware updater screen for Devices have been updated successfully