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LS10 Setup for Xbox One

1. Connect the headset to the controller:

image of the LS10 headphones being connected to a an Xbox controller

2.  Press the Xbox Guide button and scroll right to the gear icon for Settings, then scroll down to select Audio.

3.  Set Headset volume and Mic Monitor to maximum volume.  You can later adjust the mic monitor level and adjust the game/chat balance here as desired:

Image of the Xbox one audio mixer menu

4. You can now adjust the volume using the wheel on the left earcup and mute the mic by pressing the button on the left earcup:

Image showing the location of the volume wheel and the mute/unmute buttons of the LS10 headphones

To enable Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos for Headphones:


1.  Go to Settings > Display & sound > Audio output

2.  From the Headset audio menu select Headset format

Image of the Xbox one volume and audio output menu showing what options to pick for surround sound or Dolby Atmos

3. Now select the Stereo or Surround sound format you want to use