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LS40 / LS41 EQ Modes Explained

Pressing the EQ button on the headset will toggle through various EQ/Surround/Stereo modes.  Each press of the button will be accompanied by a voice prompt indicating the mode in use.

If the source audio is 5.1/7.1, the following modes are available:


  • Gaming Surround - This is the default surround mode with a room model and EQ settings that LucidSound believes are ideal for gaming.
  • Boosted Surround - This mode has the highs and low frequencies boosted.  This mode also features a more traditional surround sound room model and can be used for gaming, movies, and music.  
  • Stereo - Stereo mode downmixes the surround sound content to two channel stereo using the default EQ settings and bypasses DTS processing.


If the source audio is two channel stereo:


  • Super Stereo Wide - This mode expands two channel stereo using a room model that places the speakers a wide distance apart.
  • Super Stereo Front - This room model places the two channel audio in front of the listener just as it would be listening to standard stereo speakers.
  • Stereo - This mode bypasses all DTS processing and outputs the audio directly.