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LS35X Tips for Best Wireless Performance



The LS35X headset uses Xbox Wireless technology, the same technology in your Xbox One wireless controller.  It should provide clear audio for up to 30 feet line of sight.  To achieve optimal wireless performance we recommend the following tips:

  1. The accessory antennas on your Xbox One are located at the front of your Xbox One.  We recommend that you always face the front of your Xbox One toward the area where you'll be using the headset and that there is nothing between the headset and the Xbox One. 
  2. Use a wireless Xbox One controller when using the headset.  This improves the Xbox One's ability to avoid wireless interference from other wireless devices.  If you are experiencing brief audio drop outs, try walking just out of range with the wireless controller in hand.  This will force the Xbox to choose a better wireless channel.
  3. If you still experience issues, try fully restarting your Xbox One by pressing the Guide button on the controller, going the gear icon on the right, and selecting "Restart Console."
  4. Make sure you have updated your Xbox One and controller to the latest firmware.
  5. If you still experience interference, try moving other wireless devices such as a wireless router further away from your Xbox One.
  6. Try changing the wireless channel on your router.  If that doesn't improve the connection, try turning off the 5GHz network on your router.
  7. Newer "mesh" network routers dominate the bandwidth available for other devices that operate on WiFi channels such as Xbox Wireless.  If you're using a mesh network router and are having issues, try turning off your mesh network router(s).  If the performance improves, you may need to discontinue use of your mesh network and use a different wireless router.
  8. Up to two (2) Xbox Wireless headsets can be connected to a single console.  While it is possible to connect more headsets you will notice a decrease in wireless performance.  If you notice wireless issues, remove any additional Xbox Wireless headsets until the issue stops.