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LS35X Battery and Charging

The LS35X has a battery that allows for up to 15 hours of use per charge.  The battery takes between 3-5 hours to charge completely depending on the USB power source.

To charge your LS35X, connect the included micro-USB cable to any powered USB port.  If the headset is turned off, the power LED will pulse while charging and glow solid when fully charged.  The headset can be charged while in use, but the LED will not show the charging status and will instead show the wireless connection status.

To check the level of the battery in your headset, connect it to your Xbox One and press the Xbox button on your controller.  The headset icon will appear in the lower right part of the screen with a small battery icon showing the level of battery power remaining.  When the battery gets low, the Xbox One will display pop-up messages to alert you that your headset needs to be charged.

image of xbox one settings.