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LS35X Firmware Updater



Please follow the steps below to update your LS35X to V2.5 of the firmware.  This firmware includes the following improvements:

  • Headset will no longer turn on a paired Xbox if it is powered on with the 3.5mm cable connected.

Additionally, this update also includes the improvements from the prior V2.4: 

  • Fixes audio cutting out in congested WiFi environments
  • Increased Mic Monitor level
  • Improved battery level reporting accuracy
  • Misc. performance and stability improvements

1.  Download and unzip the installer and updater file located at the bottom of this guide.

2.  Install and then launch the updater. 

Image explaining the reset procedures for the LS35X headset

3.  Plug the cable into the PC first, then when you go to plug the cable into the headset, hold down the power button on the headset, once the cable is plugged in the headset let go of the power button.  The LED will flicker to indicate it's in update mode.

4.  When the headset is detected you will see this screen.  Please select the update file (ends in .hex).

Image showing the correct file to select to update the headset

5. Now click the "Update" button.

Updater confirming that the headset has been connected

6. You will see the progress bar while the headset is updating.

Image showing a progress bar for the headset update

7. Once you see the "Success" message, you can disconnect the USB cable from the headset and pair it to your Xbox.

Image showing that the update was a success