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No USB port available on console or dongle won't fit in USB port

On the Xbox One and Xbox 360, the LS30 USB dongle only requires power.  If there are no available USB ports on the Xbox or none of the ports allow the dongle to fit, you can use any other available USB port on a different device, include USB charging adapters and powered USB hubs. Just connect the USB dongle to the powered USB port and connect the optical cable between the dongle and the Xbox.


On the PS3 and PS4, the dongle does need to be connected to the Playstation in order to use the chat feature.  However, a powered hub can be used with the LS30 dongle to allow more than 2 USB devices to be connected.


If the dongle gets in the way of the other USB port on the system, you can use a small USB extension cable like this to allow both USB ports to be used: