Feature Improvements and Release Date Update


We have good news and bad news on the LS15X.  The good news is that after listening to feedback from the community we have decided to make a few updates to the LS15X.  

Adding Bluetooth
The primary update is adding Bluetooth so the headset will be compatible with your mobile device.

Sleek Design
As the LS15X will be for home and on the go we are making the product smaller and lighter.

Xbox Dongle
To lower the weight of the product we are shifting to an Xbox Dongle solution vs the direct connect Xbox Wireless approach.  However the headset will still be 100% wireless.

Making these changes will delay the release of the product. For retail we have put as a placeholder the date of September 1, 2019 but we are working to release the product earlier in the year.

With all the changes we are making to improve the product it is likely that will increase the price of the product.  If you have already preordered the product we will honor the current price.

We appreciate your patience and will continue to update you on social media.