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The LucidSound Affiliate Program is an opportunity to be a part of the LucidSound brand team by spreading the word about our award-winning headsets to gamers around the world. We want to equip fans who love our products and are ready to support our brand. If you're a dedicated gamer who shares our passion and drive to win then join our team!

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What is the LucidSound Affiliate Program?

The LucidSound Affiliate Program is a way for you to make money by placing banners or links on your streaming platforms, YouTube Channel and social media that refer visitors to the LucidSound web store. If that visitor makes a purchase through your link, you can earn up to 8% commission on the sale of LucidSound products.

Who can participate?

Got Fans? Streamers, “YouTubers,” and game community personalities please apply here. You must submit information about you and your awesome channel, stream or community; then the LucidSound team will review your submission.

How do I qualify to be a LucidSound Affiliate?

It’s not about your followers, viewers or subsribers, it’s about being an avid gamer who understands the importance of great headset.

How much can I earn and how do I get paid?

You receive a commission on every LucidSound product sale that is made from your specific links. Commissions are paid through our affiliate partner. Once you are approved you will receive an email link with all the details.

For more information or to answer any questions you may have, please contact us at [email protected]